March 2012

Mar 23, 2012

Quickie: Catching Up With Sega Bodega

QUICKIE: Catching Up With Sega Bodega
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With Rustie and Hudson Mohawke finally getting the wider recognition they undoubtedly deserve, we keep a close eye on the new wave of futurist producers who have an ear for the eccentric, indescribable and outright visionary. What undoubtedly makes the aforementioned artists so exciting is the fact they escape generalisation, and while Sega Bodega may reject being likened to anyone, there is no denying his creative drive is much the same. Tonight he supports the cosmically-charged Lone and fellow Glasweigan, HaHaHa at La Cheetah - a line up which no doubt plays to his limitless horizons.

“If I had to choose words to describe it, I would say quite colourful, melodic & cinematic - it’s not really something I’ve sat down to try and work out”. For the many journalists, music bloggers and general fans, labeling his music has become an almost impossible task, perhaps very much requisite of his own musings towards it. Certainly, you’ll find the crashing bass, widescreen compositions and general escapism of it all to be quite visceral in context, quite often splitting opinion with those who want to find some way of filing it under ‘Dubstep’. His unpredictable approach to production also applies to his DJ sets, “I try not to stick to one genre. The only thing I try and do is play shit I like, and keep people dancing”, the words of someone who likes to keep it moving, bringing an energy to the dancefloor which is at times hard to ignore.

With plans to get his next EP out by the summer and a highly successful remix for Jakwob under his belt; we get the feeling that the next twelve months are going to be somewhat of a revelation for Salavador Navarrete, never mind the rest of us…

Catch Sega Bodega supporting Lone W/HaHaHa tonight at La Cheetah