Mar 8, 2012

Local Hero: Jakwob - Electrify (Sega Bodega Remix)

LOCAL HERO: Jakwob – Electrify (Sega Bodega Remix)

It’s been a while since we were last treated to the quite fanatical sound of Sega Bodega and we were starting to get worried. The level headed amongst us would have realised he was building up to something big, and here it is. Featured as part of Jakwob’s latest release, this remix of ‘Electrify’ showcases all that is wonderful about Salvador Navarrete’s twisted take on modern pop. Cascading with vibrancy, this is a neon vision of a not so distant future…

Jakwob – Electrify (Sega Bodega Remix) (Boom Ting Recordings) (Buy)

Jakwob - Electrify (Sega Bodega Remix) by Sega Bodega

And maintaining the quite eccentric flavour of leftfield funk, here is a new single by up and coming MC, Profisee. Produced by Glasgow-based synth-wizard, Dam Mantle, this is the antithesis to the harder edge of Scottish Hip Hop. Coming on like something reminiscent of falling headfirst through the Looking-Glass and becoming severely concussed, Magikal is a dreamlike explosion of unconventional beat-posturing with Profisee serving well as the ringmaster.

Profisee – Magikal (produced by Dam Mantle) (Cloak x Dagger) (Buy)

Profisee - Magikal (Produced by Dam Mantle) by Mixed Bizness UK

Ok, time to take things that little bit deeper, and where the underground sound of House is concerned you may as well look no further than Dominic Martin. A regular feature on this website, Dominic is constantly turning out the type of irresistible, late-night flavours which make us want to get very sweaty in a basement that is no bigger than a toilet cubicle. Remixing Carlo Tek with a steady stroke of the dub brush, this is quite simply what we’ve come to expect from Dominic: quality.

Carlo Tek – Bla Bla Bla (Dominic Martin Deeper Rub) (Point Blank) (Buy)

Carlotek - Bla Bla Bla (Dominic Martin's deeper rub) by Dominic Martin (Domsko)

Finally, the man they call Ali OOFT! once again comes correct with the remix after releasing a series of seriously-slick free downloads. Taking on Four Walls with his trademark slow-burning rhythm, this builds with a confidence which draws you deep into the song’s very foundation. “What’s going on inside? Inside your mind”. Our sentiment exactly.

Four Walls – No Use (OOFT! Remix) (Magic Feet) (Buy)

Four Walls - No Use (OOFT! Remix) by aliOOFT