Feb 16, 2012

Local Hero: Tim Narloch - Emerald City

LOCAL HERO: Tim Narloch - Emerald City

Every so often an artist comes along which instantly gets us excited, and after hearing a demo track from the mysterious Tim Narloch late last year we promised ourselves to hold off before revealing our all-encompassing enthusiasm for this young producer. As it turns out, it’s just not possible so after quietly containing ourselves for months we can now confidently state that this guy is going the distance. Check his latest upload below and prepare to concur.

Tim Narloch – Emerald City (Unsigned)

Nothing gets us grooving like a solid slice of Deep House and when Milton Jackson is behind the beats then you know quality is not an issue. Featuring as part of the Freerange Colours series, ‘DSI’ is undeniably smooth, feeding you late night flavours through burning basslines and haunting vocal cuts. Put simply, this is what Milton Jackson does best...

Milton Jackson – DSI (Freerange Records) (Buy)

There’s no hiding it, if you re-rub, remix or even ravish early naughties RnB then you’re getting on this blog, and that’s especially true if it sounds like this. Take the vocals from Ashanti’s big-hitting, commercial monster, ‘Only You’ and delicately place them over an emotive, down-tempo bed of roses and your onto a winner. About 100% better than the original…

Ashanti – Only U (Arm Wtchs Fngrs Remix) (Free Download)

Finally, not only has Deep House & Edit supremo, Ali OOFT! blessed us with a new two track EP on his own Foto Recordings label but he’s also launching free downloads into cyber-space like the human race depended on it. Eight minutes of swelling groove awaits you with ‘Funtime’ and as the title suggests, you’re in for one hell of a ride…

OOFT! – Funtime (Free Download)