February 2012

Feb 13, 2012

Free Download: Holobeams & Broken Machines - Holofractal EP

FREE DOWNLOAD: Holobeams & Broken Machines - Holofractal EP

It’s quite appropriate that from this period of relative quiet we return with a release which burns with all the energy of a rising sun. We’ve been transfixed by the solar-sound of Holobeams & Broken Machines for some time now, his self-titled debut EP indicating a comprehensive understanding of an electronic landscape which has yet to be mapped. Returning last month with the highly anticipated follow up ‘Holofractal’, we are again taken under by his crystallised vision, finding ourselves on another journey of unlimited horizons.

Beginning with the glistening sound of the quite frankly epic ‘Ground Frost’, ‘Holofractal’ becomes instantly embedded in the deeper conscience as it soars through sparkling constellations and swirling galaxies with the greatest of ease. Switching off from the world around you you’ll find yourself slipping away into an arena of blissful serenity, interrupted only when the EP finally fades into silence. And it’s in that silence that you’ll truly appreciate the delicate sounds which have come before it, sounds which make ‘Holofractal’ requisite to something much bigger than the four tracks which make it. Clearly this won’t get you pumped for a Friday night on the town, but press play the following morning and you’ll find your head in a substantially more agreeable state than any painkiller could help you with.

Listen to the EP and download below:

**Stream is no longer available**

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