Aug 23, 2011

Review: Voltergeist - Burnt & Buried

Review: Voltergeist - Burnt & Buried

Having just finished listening to Glasgow-based producer Voltergeist’s latest album ‘Burnt & Buried’, we are left mesmerised and a little stunned. Electronic music is certainly most poignant when it is completely organic - from everyday sounds, objects and experiences to the wildest reaches of your own imagination, it is when you recognise endless possibilities that you start to create them. If inspiration hits you right, you can create the type of music which is instantly recognisible as yours and it is here on ‘Burnt & Buried’ that these boundless influences have come together so perfectly.

You may know Voltergeist as Shaun Dowse, head of Microrave Records here in Glasgow. His tireless efforts to source new and exciting artists have unearthed some incredible music recently, always shooting far beyond any recognised conformity. ‘Burnt & Buried’, released via Bandcamp this week is a product of raw emotion and a sense of complete musical freedom. Spending a lot of time in the studio after his grandfather sadly passed away, his music started to meander towards the sounds of Dub, Folklore and Acid and this is apparent on the seven featured tracks. Although the album as a whole is more engaging then placid you can identify the lighter elements which give 'Burnt & Buried' an extra layer. For example, there are Jamican flavours running throughout, no more so then on the track ‘Pork Chops’ where Shaun has sampled a Jerk Sauce specialist. There is also at times an intriguing maritime atmosphere or ‘piratey’ tone as Shaun so casually describes it. Listen to the beautiful yet mysterious ‘Inna Self Made Net’ and find yourself drifting through sonic bliss on an eerily calm ocean, the stir of squawking gulls and fishermen’s knots creating a quite vivid scene. It might sound ridiculous, but it’s this extra depth which makes listening to ‘Burnt & Buried' so interesting.

Featuring guest performances by Frog Pocket, Mike from Trembling Bells and the fantastic vocal textures of GNAW's Alan Dubin this is an accomplished, if involved listen which when given full attention can truly soar. We suggest you let it.

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