Prior to his recent release on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Big Miz had a series of hugely popular edits on his Soundcloud, ranging from The XX to Whitney Houston. Some of them went viral, and we certainly reckon his new reversion of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ deserves some hype.

Reflecting the grooving, analogue sound of his ‘Midnight Man Handle’ EP, ‘Hotline Ting’ employs laidback chords over a warm, subby bassline, while some clever vocal chops retain the undeniably catchy hook of the original. It’s perfect warm-up material and will also satisfy those working DJs who are being constantly nagged to play some “Drizzy” in their local vodka bar.

Listen and download below:

Big Miz 'Midnight Man Handle' EP is out now on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams.

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