Glasgow producer and Offbeat resident, Big Miz, has confirmed his next release on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, sharing a four-track EP called ‘The Bomb’.

Rolling out a huge synth line with more than a touch of G-Funk swagger, the title track is as dangerous as its name, while ‘Sponk900’ turns up the heat with an itchy vocal loop over a tough, creeping bassline and tight percussion.

The B-Side also comes correct, offering up ‘You Lose’ and ‘Break The Law’; two analogue jackers which keep things raw and ready with stomping bass, warping top-lines and enough spark to light a fuse. Landing via a 12” pink vinyl, these are set to detonate.

Listen to previews of ‘The Bomb’ below:

Big Miz ‘The Bomb’ is available Sep 30th via Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Big Mix joins DABJ and Denis Sulta at the Arena Club in Berlin on Aug 13th.

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