New York label Mister Saturday Night seem to have developed a keen interest in Glasgow, as after two releases with General Ludd, they’ve now honed in on the mysterious Atlus.

Those who've been paying attention may remember us featuring an EP by Atlus back in 2014 called ‘Midweekend’, and in the intervening time he’s gone on to release two more EPs on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams under a different name.

On ‘Zopiclone’ the producer lines up three juxtaposing tracks, ranging from groove-dripping disco house on the Fatback Band sampling ‘Gum’, to the ambient, haunting chimes of ‘A Little More Time’. The release is rounded off by the hedonistic title track which ventures into techno territory with metallic chords and a menacing atmosphere. Listen to the previews and read what Mister Saturday Night have to say about the release below:

“Atlus is a young man with the world in his hands. He shoulders it from the mighty and misty tenements of Glasgow, Scotland, where he spends most of his time in the halls of Rubadub. In the three songs on this mystical EP, he lifts up party-melting disco house, clanging ambience and bubbling techno – and it all makes sense. The first of many, many records from him, we hope. This kid's a titan.” – MSN

Atlus ‘Zopiclone’ EP is available to pre-order now from the Mister Saturday Night store.