WORDS: Alex Caslano
PHOTO: Vitali Gelwich

Take It Easy and Friso - the German duo who DJ and produce music as Adana Twins - are in no way related, but their musical partnership definitely has an instinctive element. From their all night sets at Watergate to their multi-layered, fluid productions, their collaboration has been fruitful and it almost seems like their paths were destined to cross.

Coming from different backgrounds where Take It Easy grew up on hip hop and Friso revelled in house and techno, the duo have honed a sound which fuses two sides of the dancefloor. “I think it has a lot to do with how you listen to music” Take It Easy tells us when we ask how hip hop influenced their productions. “When I was a teenager I went out dancing a lot, which had a strong influence on me - before I was a DJ, I was a dancer!” Listen to early releases like ‘Strange’, ‘Juicy Fruit’ and ‘La Fique’ and you’ll hear some familiar, but expertly implemented samples. And although recent cuts have explored darker territory, their famed all night sets allow the duo to dig deep: “Usually we start really slow…105, 110 or no beats” they tell us. “Sometimes we start with chill music, funk or disco. You really have the opportunity to take the crowd on a journey and play something they don't expect.”

Of course, it’s unlikely they could have predicted their own journey when they formed in 2006. Having played everywhere from Cielo to Sankeys, as well as picking up support from dance music’s great and good - “when Pete Tong played ‘Strong’ my heart was racing” says Take It Easy (via iammusic) – the duo are certainly fulfilling any pre-prescribed destiny. Although, with the Adana Twins we get the feeling it’s been a case of carving their own success from the start.

Check out recent productions and mixes from the Adana Twins ahead of an exclusive appearance at Mode in Glasgow this Thursday (8th Oct):

Adana Twins play Mode at The Sanctuary on Thu 6th Oct. Advance tickets are available from Resident Advisor priced at £4, however a limited free guestlist is running via the Facebook Event. Adana Twins ‘Heroe’ is out now on Exploited.

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