Apr 23, 2014

RELEASE: Auntie Flo – Hey Don’t Make Trouble (She’s The Woman Of Your Boss) 
WORDS: Alex Caslano

If there’s a new Auntie Flo EP on the horizon then summer is on its way. The afro-drums, tribal chants and scorching bass which typify Brian D’Souza’s sound instantly gets us in the mood for hot days and even hotter nights, and if this new EP on Permanent Vacation is anything to go by, then we’re in for a heatwave. It’s of course been two years since he released his debut mini album ‘Future Rhythm Machine’, and with flagship night, 'Highlife', turning four next month as well as confirmation of a new LP, things are about to get hot.

So what about ‘Hey Don’t Make Trouble (She’s The Woman Of Your Boss)? Well apart from the naturally intriguing title, the lead track is the type of tune which will completely envelop the dancefloor; a sound which will transform the atmosphere of a club and have people bopping to a truly different beat – in short, it’s the sound of Auntie Flo. With live drums and a hypnotic vocal chant direct from the Ivory Coast, this will undoubtedly appeal to everyone from Loco Dice to Tensnake. ‘Woman Of Your Boss’ makes use of the same formula, this time adopting sax stabs to funk things up a bit. Using a broken drum pattern, it takes on a life of its own, becoming a jazz-infused, cowbell-ringing wig out. Rememory Music’s Esa completes the set, turning out a deeper mix of ‘Hey Don’t Make Trouble’ that employs an acid bassline and old school stabs, taking it on a trip more reminiscent of his work as Prophets Of The South. It’s an intoxicating package, and one which will take you somewhere much hotter than here.

Preview the full EP below:

Hey Don't Make Trouble (She's the Woman of Your Boss) by Auntie Flo

Auntie Flo ‘Hey Don’t Make Trouble (She’s The Woman Of Your Boss) EP’ is available on May 2nd via Permanent Vacation.

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Apr 22, 2014


It’s been a while since we posted about Scottish hip hop, but the new EP from Glasgow collective, The Urchxns, has got us hook, line and sinker. Comprised of Nekswan, Florist and Remark, ‘The Urchins Collective’ offers five hazy head-nodders which flow deep with feeling. The beats are laid back, the lyrics are pensive and perhaps most importantly, it’s distinctively Scottish. Check the full EP here as well as two Soundcloud samples below:


Cheeky Forty has been on our radar for a long time now, and we can genuinely say that every time we hear him his sound just gets hotter. Dealing in creamy, lo-fi beats, his music swims in futuristic funk which we quite frankly can't get enough of. Featured as part of a fresh compilation from new underground music blog, Love Is Noise, ‘Dongshi’ is beautifully delivered and wrapped in silk. Keep an eye on the LIN Facebook for details about the release.


It’s great to see Cruffy finally getting the exposure he deserves. Another producer who’s been grafting away for a year or two now, his potential is fairly obvious, exemplified by this new release on Huntleys & Palmers. Perhaps an ode to the legendary Saturday night at the Sub Club, this hedonistic heater is slick, slamming and sexy, with a distinctive groove we hope to hear a lot more of!


Vibes, vibes, vibes! Coming all the way from Australia via Glasgow, Kovaxx is a new project from Dave Smith who's featured on this blog many times before under a different guise. His new sound is really packing heat however, undoubtedly influenced by the blazing Aussie sun. His first offering, ‘The Cure’, is jacking, bouncy and fresh, with a deep, burning bassline set to ignite the dancefloor. Free download too!

Apr 17, 2014

ONE FOR THE WEEKEND: Shonky And John Dimas
WORDS: Alex Caslano

As far as weekend’s go, this one is shaping up to be something of an epic. With Love Action providing three nights of solid parties featuring some of the hottest DJ talent in the world, we’re all getting just a tad excited. Kicking off tonight with Phantasy Sound heroes Erol Alkan and Daniel Avery at SWG3, you can expect to see legends and underground talent alike over the next three days, with everyone from David Morales to Deetron lined up to make you sweat. So since today is theoretically Friday for many people, we’ve got a special ‘One For The Weekend’ to present you with, pinning down Love Action guests Shonky and John Dimas for two tunes which they just can’t wait to play out.

As one third of Parisian house mafia, Apollonia, Shonky has become something of a driving force when it comes to deep, dark and grooving house. Whether it’s playing b2b with his Apollonia buddies, Dan Ghenacia & Dyed Soundorom at DC10 or tearing up the dancefloor by himself in Miami, you know you’re in good hands. Picking Kerri Chandler’s recently re-released ‘Sunday Sunlight’ as his One For The Weekend (and providing a fitting account of how he discovered it), you can get a pretty good idea of what to expect this Friday. It’s also worth checking this video of Apollonia live at this year’s BPM Festival.

John Dimas meanwhile, features as part of a One Records showcase this Saturday at Love Action, playing alongside Adam Shelton, Jack Wickham and Guti. Recently selected as one of Mixmag’s ‘Hot Six’, the Berlin-based producer has been building a steady fan base over the last few years (including the aforementioned Apollonia). With his sound offering an intoxicating blend of hypnotic groove and solid, jacking percussion, he definitely appeals to our techier side, as proved by his selection below…


KERRI CHANDLER - SUNDAY SUNLIGHT (Metaphor 1999 / re-released on Apollonia 2014)

“The first time I heard this track was back in ‘99 at Batofar in Paris. Dan Ghenacia was playing it and I went crazy about it but it was impossible to check the name during the party cause’ it was too dark!! I asked Dan after, but it was impossible for him to remember which track I was talking about and it took me one whole year to finally find the track again when Dan played it by chance when we were chilling at home.

I managed to buy the last copy available in this record shop called Sagroove, the shop I used to go to all the time when I was in Paris. This record has been in my bag ever since. Every time myself and my Apollonia crew were playing it we were always getting amazing feedback on it and so we decided to release it two years on our label ‘Apollonia’.

We asked our mate Kerri Chandler if he was interested and he thought it was a super cool idea. We also wanted to add a remix so we could add something to this amazing release. He re-recorded everything including the singing, and then we called on Delano Smith to be the remixer. We finally released it last month and are really proud of this repress.”



“Le Nuits Sonores, France 2008 is when I heard this track for the first time; I think it was Francois Kevorkian that played it and it completely blew my mind! I went back home and searched for it everywhere, showing the video I filmed to friends, asking everyone if they knew what it was. Finally I found it, but of course the record was already out of stock everywhere as it was a 2007 release. It’s also a limited one sided vinyl of only 500 copies in the world…so not a single copy for sale anywhere. I wanted this record so bad!

After 3 years I finally found a copy on Discogs for sale but the price was really high, a lot of money for one track. Over the years I asked a lot of friends if anyone had it but no one did. Then, just as I was about to buy it on Discogs, a friend from Lisbon called me saying that he had a double copy of the record! Finally after 5 years I got my hands on this vinyl and it was the best gift I got last year. Thanks to Joao! It’s a very special track and needs a very special moment to play it, but when you play it, it never fails. I’m really looking forward to playing this track on a big soundsystem as mostly I play it at the afterhours. Of course it never leaves my bag.”

Both Shonky and John Dimas play Love Action this weekend at SWG3. Tickets are available from The Arches website priced at £17 for one night or £39 for a three day pass. Kerri Chandler 'Sunday Sunlight' is out now on Apollonia Music. John Dimas' remix of Ekkohaus is out now.

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Apr 16, 2014

FEATURE: Guti – Heartbreak, Healing & Music
WORDS: Alex Caslano

Talking to Guti ahead of the release of his new album, ‘Rompecorazones’, we get the feeling that the Argentinean producer has arrived at an important crossroad in his life. Having spent the last four years in Germany and now based in Barcelona, it becomes apparent that he’s been on a personal journey which has taken its toll emotionally. But as he suggests himself, heartbreak is often a catalyst for inspiration, and if emotional anguish translates to pain, then it also translates to incredible music.

Classically trained and an exceptionally talented pianist that remains deeply immersed in the sounds of his native Argentina, Guti’s relationship with house & techno is a beautiful thing. Signed up to Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich’s label, Desolat, his 2011 album, ‘Patio De Juegos’, used stunning instrumentation to channel a real, live Latin flavour. It’s a sound which has proved popular both on and off the dancefloor, but in the year that followed its release Guti became somewhat disenchanted with the scene in which he was now so deeply rooted: “It was late 2012 and I was a bit disappointed in electronic music” he reflects. “I felt the need to do something else. I sat on the piano and started recording. The first song was ‘El Solitario’, and then came ‘Rompecorazones’ which later would give the name to the album and then the label. I then realized that I had to do it.”

Absorbing the heartbreak he experienced during his time in Germany and translating it to music, the result was something pure and unaffected, closing one chapter in his life and starting another. “When I wrote ‘Patio De Juegos’ I was in my late 20s; now 5 years after I am finally a man, grown up in many things, as an artist and as a person” he concludes. Already being described as a ‘landmark release’, ‘Rompecorazones’ will undoubtedly reflect Guti at his most visceral: the product of emotion, personal enlightenment and a musician who has truly invested everything.

Check out Guti’s massive collaboration, ‘The Light’, with Mark Fanciulli below, as well as last year’s incredible ‘Hope EP’ for DFTD:

Guti - Hope EP by DFTD

We also had a rare opportunity to chat with the man himself, talking about the heartbreak that inspired new album, ‘Rompecorazones’, and his evolution as an artist over the last five years:

Synth: So it's an absolute pleasure to talk with you Guti as we've been fans ever since hearing 'Patio De Juegos'. I guess the first thing we'd like to chat about is your move to Europe from South America. You're based in Barcelona at the moment, right? Musically, was it important for you to stay connected with Argentina?

Guti: I’ve been in Europe for five years, almost four of them in Germany. Now I’m loving Barcelona; beautiful city, food and people, and it’s always sunny which is important for me as a Latino. I lived for 27 years in Buenos Aires so it will always be part of me and I’m always connected.

Synth: We gather that the move and the years that followed were inspiration for your forthcoming album 'Rompecorazones'; can you tell us a little about the journey this record has taken?

Guti: ‘Rompecorazones’ is the last year of my life in Germany. It’s looking back to everything that happened during these 5 years and it was the last thing I did in Germany. I recorded the album and moved to Barcelona; in these 5 years I’ve been heartbroken many times - now is time to strike back with music (‘Rompecorazones’ means heartbreaker).

Synth: Was there one track which started things off or did you set out to write a body of work?

Guti: It was late 2012 and I was a bit disappointed in electronic music; I felt the need to do something else. I sat at the piano and started recording and right away I got something - two songs that happened on the same day. The first song was ‘El Solitario’…kind of like music for movies, and then came ‘Rompecorazones’ which later would give the name to the album and then the label. I then realized that I had to do it. It was about time.

Synth: We read that the majority of it is going to be instrumental and of course very musical with a lot of piano-based tracks; why did you feel like stepping away from the club and the traditional 4x4 beat was important for this album?

Guti: I needed it. I love club music but I come from another background – I felt it was time to put things together. I’d say it is an electronic music album because it was produced by me, but it is also a piano album too; a jazz album, an album to listen to. It’s many things and I’m happy with it – a whole story in 12 songs.

Synth: The album will be credited to Gutierrez as apposed to Guti; what separates the music under the two names? Did you feel it was important as part of an artistic progression or was it simply a matter of distancing yourself from the club?

Guti: After thinking about it a lot, the album is gonna come out as Guti because I’m all those things; I can write club music and I can sit at the piano. When I wrote ‘Patio De Juegos’ I was on my late 20s; now 5 years after I am finally a man, grown up in many things as an artist and as a person.

Synth: As mentioned, there is a new label in the pipeline too; what can we expect from it musically?

Guti: The label is called ‘Rompecorazones’ like the album. It’s gonna be a space for music and for musicians to explore their feelings and go deep. I’m working with Francesco Tristano for the follow up and more amazing talented friends are delivering crazy music. This label is the dream of my life and it’s coming true…

Synth: So you'll be joining the likes of Adam Shelton and John Dimas at a One Records showcase at Love Action this weekend and we're pleased to see that it will be a live appearance; how does a live set take shape for you and will we be hearing music from 'Rompecorazones'?

Guti: I've been playing live for a long time and I make music all the time, so it´s gonna be as I always try to be: completely different. And yes, you will hear some bits of the album here and there.

Synth: You were in Miami for WMC during this interview and as I type the 'guTINI' boat party is in full swing; now that you're back on dry land can you give us a rundown of the party? Any tunes in particular that did the business?

Guti: Miami was great; playing with tINI…it's getting so good. We are really connected and it’s a good feeling. The songs of the conference for me were a collaboration with S.A.M that is gonna come out at some point and a song from the album called ‘We Love You’.

Synth: You've had some incredible releases and remixes on the likes of Defected, Viva Music and DFTD recently; what can we expect from Guti as we head into the summer?

Guti: After the album I have an EP coming on DFTD…I'm really looking forward to it!

Guti plays the Love Action weekender this Saturday as part of a One Records Showcase at SWG3. Tickets are £17 advance for one night and £39 for all three – get yours now from The Arches website. Look out for the release of 'Rompecorazones' soon.

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Apr 15, 2014

COMPETITION: 02ABC Presents George Clinton & P Funk

Ain’t no party like a P Funk Party, and it’s a party which has been rocking for some forty years. Whether it be his influence on Dr Dre and ‘G-Funk’ rap or his groundbreaking work with Parliament and Funkadelic during the 70s, George Clinton is one of music’s most influential and revered artists – attested by his entry in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. A grandmaster of funk, his instantly recognisable sound can be heard in everyone from Outkast to Primal Scream, with ‘Atomic Dog’ ( the #1 single from his first solo album ‘Computer Games’) being perhaps one of the most sampled tracks of all time, and certainly a huge influence on the West Coast rap of the 90s.

But it was his work with his respective bands Parliament and Funkadelic which really shook things up, recognised for ‘revolutionising R&B’ in the 70s and building on the sound of James Brown, Sly Stone and Jimi Hendrix – a concoction which was of course as eccentric as it was essential. Scoring numerous hit singles and a series of platinum albums, Clinton is a true music great, and someone whose influence can not be overstated.

Check out a playlist of George Clinton’s funkiest below, as well as a special ‘Atomic Dawg’ minimix recorded by Glasgow’s own Bunty Beats:

So, apart from being one of the most important men in music, George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic were also known for having one of the most impressive live shows to ever hit the stage. Extravagant, larger than life and bursting with energy, it was a reflection of the man himself and this week you can experience it in Glasgow. Once again 02ABC have nailed an unmissable performance and we’ve got two tickets to giveaway to this Friday’s show on their behalf. Just head over to the Synth fanpage on Facebook and type ‘P-Funk Me Up!’ on the wall – we’ll select a winner at random this Thursday. Please be sure to check the terms & conditions below.

Terms & Conditions: Please note that this prize is for two places on the guestlist for 02ABC Presents...George Clinton & P Funk on Friday 18th April. There will be one winner. The competition closes at 5pm on Thursday 17th and the winner will be notified via Facebook comment (please check your Facebook entry in the hours following the closure of the competition). The winner must be 14 years or older. After we have passed on the winner’s details to the event organisers we then pass on responsibility for entry on the night.

George Clinton & P Funk play the 02ABC this Friday. Tickets are available from Ticketweb priced at £28.12 (inc fees and entry to The Funk Room afterparty with Simon Hodge & Andrew Divine).

George Clinton Website
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